• (+84) 24 3971 0011
  • 92 Ngo Thi Nham St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi


Check-in 2:00 pm | Check-out 12:00 pm

• Warmly welcome all of guests to Cherry Hotel. Please present your passport or identity card upon checking in procedure.

• Any weapons, explosives, ­ammable items, hazardous substance, animals and anything which may cause an annoyance to other guests are forbidden to bring into the rooms.

• Please check facilities in the room after check-in. Please contact the reception desk immediately if there are any problems.

• The hotel has free laundry facilities on the 9th ­oor. If you need to do laundry, please do not do it in the room, but use the laundry facilities (except guests staying suite rooms).

• Cherry Hotel is only responsible for valuables and money left in the in-room safe or reception desk.

• Please keep all equipment in the room unmoved. In case of loss or damage caused by guests, the amount of damage is charged.

• Please contact the reception desk if you request to change the room. Please do not do it without getting permission from the hotel.

• If you would to invite guests who are not staying at the hotel to your room, please contact

• the reception desk. The guests who are not staying at the hotel are required to leave the room by 22:30.

• Please make sure to turn o€ electrical equipment and water taps and to lock your door when leaving your room and give your room key to the reception desk.

• Time for checking out is 12:00 PM. There will be an additional charge for guests checked out after 12:00 PM.

• Please contact the reception desk if you have any requests or problems. The hotel staff will work hard to solve it. If guests do not observe these terms, you may be refused to use the facilities in the hotel.